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I don’t know about the rest of the US, but Missouri is heating up already! We were barely into Spring and the temps were in the 80’s. Which means the boys are already doing the revolving-front-door dance asking, “Got anything to cool us off, Mom?” [Ok, so it’s more like…”MOM…We’re dying!!!!”]

I would love to know what quick, edible things you guys keep handy for summer cool offs? We do the water games a lot but I’m looking purely for edible ideas.



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  • Popsicles and lots of them. You could even have them make some in ice cube trays with gummy worms inside. Bake cookies early in the morning before the heat takes over and make them into ice cream sandwiches. Watermelon, Cantaloupe, nectarines, pears, kiwi, pineapple… chilled. Lots and lots of Kool-Aid.

    • Dang, Ms. Jenny-Jenny-Who-Can-I-Turn-To!!! 😉 Love the idea about the cookie ice-cream sandwich. My weakness, but never thought about it as a cool treat for the kiddos. Thanks!

  • Frozen chocolate covered bananas.
    Frozen grapes.
    Homemade pudding pops
    Ziplock Ice Cream (this will keep the boys busy too)

    It’s warm here too in Phoenix already – don’t know why I say already we turned our A/C on the beginning of April which was about a month later than it has been the past few years. But we’re looking at 98 today. I may need some cooling treats myself.

  • Ice cold grapes, sliced in half if the kids are young.

    Or get some of those mugs you freeze and when you pour a drink into them it becomes a slushy. I think we got ours at WalMart a few years ago for $1-2 each.

    My kids love homemade popsicles. We use whatever juice is on hand, or yogurt, and I keep meaning to try pudding.

    And tons of water, of course. A special water bottle or a funny ice cubes (shapes? fruit pieces inside?) make it a little more fun. In our house, the rule is one bottle/cup of water per every one of juice consumed.

  • When we have extra smoothie in the morning, I pour it into a Tupperware popsicle mold. That way, the kids have popsicles available most of the time, they’re healthy, and there’s some variety. Besides, it’s easy, because I’m not making anything special – just doing what I’m already doing. :)

  • Freeze some bottled water (after pouring some water out) and when they go out to play, bring the bottles out to defrost some … when they come in they have ice cold water to drink AND they can take it outside with them for more cold sips.

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