Mother’s Day around the corner

Baby Feet

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I’ve been strolling through a lot of blogs today and there is one theme…in case you live in a cave. It’s the week before Mother’s Day. And there a bunch of mommy’s reminiscing. As a mom, it’s kinda hard not to when “that day” comes around the corner.

You look at your tween and think, “Didn’t I just give birth to you?”

You watch your kids fighting…again and smile because you remember just how long it took to finally birth those boys.

You cook another meal, to the same ol’ complaints and remember those days of strained peas and squash.

I think it’s healthy to remember those past struggles and/or pain so that you can appreciate what you have now. I’m thrilled to have my ‘small’ family with the 2 boys that I didn’t think I could have, and who are either landing blows to each other or hugging the snot out of each other.


Oh and boys? Just remember…as much as I’m all mushy-gushy now; after Mother’s Day if you complain about one more meal, I’m feeding you strained baby food. Love ya!

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