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A buddy of mine told me a hilarious story recently that sent me into hysterics. I asked to share it on here and he so gracefully said yes.

A little background: During his lunches, he takes Spanish lessons, via Skype, while in his truck. Odd dude…I know.


Spanish lesson today was describing how loud the Brooks and Dunn concert was.

I had been explaining that my boss had asked for earplugs from the waitress (box seats).

During class, words that I’m not sure on I just say in English such as “earplugs”…

Mi jefe pidió para “earplugs” de la camarera.

…then she types in the Skype chat window that word that I need to learn for the sentence.

To my surprise, for the word earplugs I heard her say and then type “tampones” (tam-pon-ees).

I sort of giggled, scratched my head like Will Rogers and said, “Well that kinda makes sense when you think about it! <Ahem>”

She nodded politely, “Ok.”

<Sigh> I adjusted my headphones and microphone nervously took a breath and took another run at it.

Mi jefe pidió para tampones de la camarera.

Suddenly I saw my Spanish teacher grinning and waving her arms in front of her face like a deck hand on aircraft carrier trying to wave off the incoming plane from a potential crash landing.

“No, no, no!! No Harvey, that is wrong!”

“What did I say?”

She paused and leaned into the camera:

“Not TAM-po-nes! TAP-ones!”


ROTFBL — [Rolling on truck floor-board laughing]

Choking through laughter and tears I thanked her for the correction because all I kept seeing in my mind was a Brooks and Dunn concert audience populated with big black cowboy hats on the heads and little white strings in the ears.


(And yep…”tam-po-nes” means “tampons”.)

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