Interrupting Bug

Puking and Driving

Image by Mike "Dakinewavamon" Kline via Flickr

So the story goes…

Three weeks ago Oldman comes home from school with a “joke”:

Knock, Knock.
Who’s There?
Interrupting Bug
Interrupting Bug Wh…
Blaaarrrrggghhckkk *sound of someone puking*

Then I promptly got the flu bug and started urping all over my bathroom. That lasted about 2 days then I passed it on to Gremlin, then Oldman, then they so kindly gave it right back to me. Unfortunately, the 2nd time around for me was OH so much worse.

The plus side is I lost quite a bit of weight which is a great start to my yearly Spring Weight Loss thang.

I knew I was starting to feel better when posts were filling my mind faster than I could get them written down. YEAH!!!

So let’s just hope I’ve met my sick quota for the year, cause I quit!

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  • Don’t those bugs realize that it’s against the law for mothers to get sick. So sorry, but hey you found a bright side! Hope the weight stays off. We’re doing a new thing on Mondays. I have the intro up now and have thought it might be something you might want to join. Come see what you think.

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