First #sgftwitterchicks Tweetup

Army of Peeps

Image by L. Marie via Flickr

What started as a lunch between the winner of my coffee giveway (@mellenk) and myself, very quickly turned into a coffee tweetup last Friday. Using the hashtag, #sgftwitterchicks, we started connecting with ladies in the area.  It moved fast and was exciting! Unfortunately we were competing with a nasty flu bug going around, but ended up with 10 ladies. It was great connecting faces to the Twitter name!

and myself

A great big thank you goes out to the Dancing Mule for hosting us and generously helping with the cost of the coffee! They were MORE than helpful and the coffee was fantastic! I would highly recommend them for any get together.

We already have another #sgftwitterchicks tweetup in the works. Hope to see more ladies there!

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  • Jenny, my screen is @Dorothy4ever its listed as @Deborah4ever 😛 that is my sisters name, hehe 😉 It was great meeting everyone and the coffee was DELISH!

    • Oh good grief, Dorothy…I’m so sorry! I’m still trying to call you by a different name from Friday.

      Dorothy, Dorothy, Dorothy….Ok, I’ve got it now. 😉

      • Don’t feel bad. My parents have 8 kids including me, so my mom usually says “Carol, Debbie,…oh whatever you know what I mean!” lol…

  • Hahaha!!! That’s so funny that you keep calling her that. What’s also funny is I continue to hear a British accent when reading @xgravity23 ‘s tweets. Hard to break old habits I guess.
    Looking forward to seeing everyone again!

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