First #sgftwitterchicks Tweetup

Army of Peeps

Image by L. Marie via Flickr

What started as a lunch between the win­ner of my cof­fee give­way (@mellenk) and myself, very quickly turned into a cof­fee tweetup last Fri­day. Using the hash­tag, #sgftwit­ter­chicks, we started con­nect­ing with ladies in the area.  It moved fast and was excit­ing! Unfor­tu­nately we were com­pet­ing with a nasty flu bug going around, but ended up with 10 ladies. It was great con­nect­ing faces to the Twit­ter name!

and myself

A great big thank you goes out to the Danc­ing Mule for host­ing us and gen­er­ously help­ing with the cost of the cof­fee! They were MORE than help­ful and the cof­fee was fan­tas­tic! I would highly rec­om­mend them for any get together.

We already have another #sgftwit­ter­chicks tweetup in the works. Hope to see more ladies there!

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  • Jenny, my screen is @Dorothy4ever its listed as @Deborah4ever :P that is my sis­ters name, hehe ;) It was great meet­ing every­one and the cof­fee was DELISH!

    • Oh good grief, Dorothy…I’m so sorry! I’m still try­ing to call you by a dif­fer­ent name from Friday.

      Dorothy, Dorothy, Dorothy.…Ok, I’ve got it now. ;-)

      • Don’t feel bad. My par­ents have 8 kids includ­ing me, so my mom usu­ally says “Carol, Debbie,…oh what­ever you know what I mean!” lol…

  • Hahaha!!! That’s so funny that you keep call­ing her that. What’s also funny is I con­tinue to hear a British accent when read­ing @xgravity23 ‘s tweets. Hard to break old habits I guess.
    Look­ing for­ward to see­ing every­one again!

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