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For most bloggers, one of the reasons they started their blog was their need/desire to write. When you have a writers heart, you can feel anxious if you don’t get that chance to pen your thoughts and feelings down.

But it’s more than just the need to write. It’s about the tools, the atmosphere, etc. Which is why I feel like I snuck into some secret society when I saw that Megan at Velveteen Mind was doing a series called the Writing Process. Some of the questions she asks are:

“What inspires you to stop what you are doing and record your thoughts?  Where do you write?  What do you use?  Do you involve any form of ritual?  Must you wear a writing sweater in order to truly tap into the good stuff?  Do the words ring truer at night?  Is the process incomplete without coffee?  Tea?  What are your favorite pens?  Must-have notebooks?”

Her post announcing the series, alone, sent “chills running up and down my spine” – like a good Peppermint Patty! I plan on writing about my Writing Process right along with her. Even if you don’t care for this kind of series, you should subscribe to Megan. She just has a way of writing that would inspire my 10 year old to write!

(Hey…that’s not a bad idea…)

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