Making Twitter Work For You

I have read many, many articles about how to make Twitter work for you and depending on your Twitter usage some of those article will click light bulbs on over your head and some will be Greek. I, personally, use Twitter to engage in a community as well as build my “brand”. {Psst…I really hate that word because it’s been used to death. Basically I’m just getting who I am out there.}

There are so many apps out there now to make your time and use of Twitter so much more easier. I’ve found two recently that I’m really starting to dig.

1. SessionTweets is a great site that takes popular hashtags and backs them up to a .pdf file for you to download. You want to see the Twitter stream for #SXSW? Having a hard time trying to keep up with a Twitter party in Tweetgrid or Tweetchat…don’t stress. Also if the hashtag isn’t there, scroll to the bottom of the site and request it.

2. Readtwit takes all the links and unshortens the URL, takes out the duplicates and you can either see it right then or get an RSS feed of them. At first I didn’t see what use this would be for me. But now, I check it several times a day to follow any links that interest me. 140 characters might not be enough to peak my interest but seeing it in a snippet makes me want to click through much more.

This is nothing new to me but must mention that I prefer Tweetdeck as my Twitter browser of choice. I’m tried several but always come back to Tweetdeck…because that’s what works for me.

My advice? Don’t get hung up on too many apps. Use what works for you and make it simple otherwise you won’t use it.


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