Our home is safe

Children in Jerusalem.

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Parents are killing their own children.

Teens beating the crap out of their own peers.

Elderly couples getting robbed when they can’t even afford medicine.

How do you explain these kind of things to your kids?

Last week, Gremlin piped up from the back seat of the car with, “Mom? I’m so glad I have you for a Mom. You would never try to hurt me.”

My heart stopped dead in my chest. Dear Lord, I don’t want my children to even think about such things! I reassured him nothing he did would ever make me even want to harm him. I tried to explain to him, on his level, what is wrong with parents’ minds that would cause them to do such things.  I don’t even get it, how could a 6-year-old?

I try very hard to shield my children from the news. It’s mostly crap. But I also don’t want to over shelter my children. So we talk about it. We talk about what the “bad people” could have done to get help before make that bad decision was made.  We talk about the outcome from their bad decision.  We talk about wisdom, cause and effect, and community.

I hope the more we talk, the more it will become the norm if they ever get into a serious situation. They won’t have to think about it…just react the way they should.

And know above all…our home is safe.

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  • Wow. I’m with you I can’t comprehend the things some parents, people do. Try and think about that with a six year old mind. Nice job using other peoples bad choices as a learning experience for your own kids.

  • Brenna mentions kidnappers often. It came up the other night and I thought to myself how sad that my little girl has to be aware that there are people in the world who could hurt her……on purpose. We explain to her about staying close to mom and dad and just know that God has her in the palm of His hand.

  • My husband and I are always saying that we want our home to be a sanctuary from the world. It sounds like you and your family have done the same. Your kiddos are lucky to have such a sweet mama!!

  • Oh, J. I know how your heart catches in your chest when your little ones know more than you knew. And how we wish they didn’t have to.

    2 years ago, when E was 3, one of her classmate’s moms was killed by their dad, who killed himself as well. The classmate’s twin was in another class, and their mom was an aide at the school. So it was a very real void felt by all the little ones, and it was some difficult conversations for months to come. E would say things like, “H got her hair cut today, but her mommy won’t see it cause she’s dead in heaven.”

    It’s so hard when they have to face harsh realities, but such a gift you’re giving by creating that haven for safe discussion and peace.

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