My 10 year old can perform a hip replacement surgery

…and some kind of brain lobotomy too!

It’s so sick…you’ve got to check this out. I keep a folder in Bookmarks just for the boys. They know they can go to those sites and those sites only. Most of them are sites that their school’s computer lab uses. A while back they said a new site was listed and they wanted to add it to their folder. I mean, how goofy can be?

It’s so sick…it’s addictive!

Some of their categories are: Crime Scene, Design a Cell Phone and Virtual Knee Surgery. My 6 year old thinks it’s cool but the brain surgery is kinda gross. The 10 year old thinks all of it is super cool! I went in and did the hip placement surgery and felt pretty sure I could’ve done my mum’s hip and saved her a TON of money! :-)

* has no idea who I am*

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