The wrong armor

forbidden carrying people (with statue)

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This week I’ve been attending A Woman Inspired’s online conference “Get Revived“. Springtime is a time of renewal and revival. There has been some great inspiration flying around over there but there is one discussion that has completely unwrapped itself to me.

As women, we have a tendency of picking up other people’s burdens and carrying them around like a crazy caveman. Then we wonder why we’re weary and frustrated. God said he wouldn’t give us more than we can bear. So does it make sense for us to cry out to Him when all we have to do is put down what’s not ours to have?

Thank of David and Goliath…Sure, David was victorious because he had God on his side, but I’m also thinking he might have had another outcome had he listened to Saul and wore the armor that was too heavy and didn’t fit him. David did what was natural to him and God used his abilities to be victorious.

Wrap your mind around that…I can think of about 3 different armors that I’ve been lugging around that doesn’t fit because it’s not my armor to wear. Just knowing that is so freeing to me!

Now, to figure out how to leave those armors and not pick them back up… 😉

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