The Velveteen Couch

[This is a writing assignment that was first prompted in our Writers Workshop with some incredible Hallmark writers at Blissdom and Casey from Moosh In Indy and Stephanie from Adventures in Babywearing. The key is that you write with pen and paper for 3 minutes about a couch from your lifetime. You’re supposed to write in present tense, but I just couldn’t with this couch. It took me back…I was instantly 8 years old…]


I hate having chicken pox! It’s everywhere and I can’t stop itching!


That’s it…I need another body scratch. I just knew this turquoise shag carpet would come in handy!  Oh…yeaaaaahhhh….

I’m burning now…hot, hot, hot! Back on the couch…back on the couch!!!

Ahhhhh….it’s so cool and soothing to my chicken disease. Good thing, it’s burnt orange…hopefully my bleeding scabs won’t show up so bad.

Good grief…I’m so bored.

If I watch Electric Company one more time, I’m gonna start screaming, “HEY, YOU GUUUUUYS!”.

Man, this couch is awesome. It’s just puffy enough. I can rest my head on the arm and it doesn’t make my neck stiff. Maybe I should just drift off for a bit before the itching comes back.

Heh…I love it how if I push the velveteen threads this way, the couch is one color and another color if I push it that way. But it’s hard to spell my name just right.

Oh shoot! A thread just came out…oh look…I can pull another one out.

Hee, hee…it’s kind of soothing… just picking and picking.

Should I scratch or pick?

[pick, pull, pick, pull]

Oh no…there’s a big patch missing! How did that happen?

Maybe I can blame Hulkman…that won’t work, she’ll know I’m lying. Dang it.

I need to distract her…”Mooom! I don’t feel so good…*whimper*…can you pray for me?”


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