Secret Diary Entry

When I turned 9, my parents bought me the coolest diary…with a lock! I felt so grown up. But as much as I loved it, I didn’t even write in it until almost a year later.

After the initial entry, it wasn’t used again until we moved to India a year or so later. It quickly became my dearest friend.  I shared my secrets with Ms. Diary. I poured out my feelings of fear for being in a new country, nervousness of what might happen if my brother becomes deathly ill again, and of course my frustrations of the lack of boys around me. 😉  I actually grew to love India, but still thought the sun and moon hung only in the United States.

When Oldman was 9, I showed him this diary. He was so enthralled to read stories from his mom as a child. It was such a odd idea to think of mom as an 11 year old little girl!. After showing it to him I put it away for safe keepings. Recently, while cleaning up, I pulled it out again and lo and behold…look what I found as the last entry:

I love that little creep.

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