Playing with lights

lite briteYou guys remember Lite Brite? That crazy light box that you covered with a black cloth-like paper and shoved those little pegs into little tiny holes so when you turned on the light, your design glowed?

Well, recently, while working on my new site design {PAUSE} I’m smack-dab in the middle of a site design for my blog. As you can see, as loverly as this design is, it doesn’t exactly fit my ‘vibe’. So I’ll be going retro soon. CAN’T WAIT! {\PAUSE} I stumbled across a Lite Brite online. It’s just as annoying trying to fill those tiny, little pegs – especially when you need reading glasses – yet I keep coming back to play again and again.

My youngest gets on the desktop and I get on my laptop and we set the timer for 5 minutes. After the timer goes off we check each others work out and create another challenge. Gremlin is so stinkin’ creative while I’m too busy rubbing my eyes trying to get them uncrossed! Nothing like kicking your mom’s butt at Lite Brite.

Off to lick my wounds…Things I Love Thursday

And get stronger reading glasses…

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