What is a booger?

Not long ago my kids and I stum­bled across a fun web­site called KidsHealth.org. It will han­dle just about any med­ical ques­tion or issues about the body. Shoot, I find things that I didn’t even know!

They have it sec­tioned out by Par­ents, Kids and Teens. We spent the major­ity of the time in the kids sec­tion. WAY cooler!

I’ve got a nose-picker in the fam­ily. *cough10-year-oldcough* I’ve had quite enough of it. I’ve nagged and nagged until I can’t nag no more! So we looked up, ‘What is a Booger’. The arti­cle was very easy for him to read and he actu­ally learned log­i­cal infor­ma­tion that helped him stop. Ok, so we’re about half way there. 😉

Of course, now he and his brother are try­ing to find the gross­est arti­cles they can to read, but they’re boys…it’s all a part of that whole testos­terone thing.

Yucky boys…Things I Love Thursday
[Dis­claimer: I found this site the good ol’ fash­ion way. They have no idea who I am.]

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