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I am not a cooking connoisseur in any way, shape or form. But growing up in India has definitely taught me a little something about spices. The one thing I see a lot of here in the States are people who I call Sad Spice. [Spice Girl pun totally intended]. Sad Spice-ers are people who put their spices in ‘the pot’ half way through or near the end of the cooking time. That is totally wasting those spices’ time.

Be bold!

If the dish is anything at all, you’ll need to saute onion’s and garlic in oil at the beginning. Then throw in the spices. Let them infuse in the oil mixture for about a minute before adding the rest of the ingredients. Adding the spices at the front of the steps gives the dish the fullest flavor of those spices. It becomes the soul of the dish. For those of you who are frugal, this means using less amount of spice and getting more out of it.

Try it…I guarantee that you’ll get a much heartier flavor from those dishes.


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