Down Syndrome birthday’s are more fun

Hulkman's B-dayYesterday might have been Valentine’s Day for everyone else in the world, but in our family, it was Hulkman‘s birthday. In my brother’s mind that means the world comes to a crashing stop and makes much a-do about this particular birthday. I actually think he believes it’s Valentine’s Day because it’s his birthday!

Every year, for 43 years, it’s been the same. Our family’s birthdays are one each month from October to February. Unfortunately for Hulkman, he’s the last on the list. For the rest of us, that means he’s going to talk about his birthday every single day from October 1st through February 14th. It’s like a 3 year old on steroids. If nothing else, he is consistent. We love February 14th, because that means we can FINALLY celebrate his birthday and get some peace for a few months. 😉

He really doesn’t require much for his birthday. Phone calls, cards, and big hugs and kisses. Oh, and of course any of the latest movies out on DVD that have slow motion and big explosions.

Hulkman, as is the majority of people with Down Syndrome, very loving. They are truly angels on earth. I cannot imagine my live without Hulkman. He has taught me more about forgiveness, unconditional love and acceptance more than any self-help book or motivational speaker with 3 PhD’s ever could. Hulkman b-day b/w

I’m thrilled we got to celebrate another year with Hulkman. I look forward to many more conversations with him (or Jesus or MacGyver or whoever he decides to be on that day).

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  • This post made me cry! I spent quite a while as a case manager for people living with Down Syndrome and other developmental delays. I loved every minute of it. It is truly impossible to be depressed with people like your brother in your world. How lucky you are to have him!

  • What a great post to stumble across, and how right you are about the extra excitement that comes from celebrating when you get to do it with a person with Down Syndrome. Such JOY! 😀

  • Awwww this post is truly amazing 😀 I had tears of joy… and it is soooo true how they teach you forgiveness and unconditional love.. awww i love my brother… He is also downsyndrome and it is birthday today. He is really excited to see his family and recieve big big hugs and kisses 😀

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