My son said WHAT?!

Gremlin_sm*Please be warned that this is not a PG-13 subject however, I’m trying hard to be as discreet as possible.*

With that in mind I need to nickname a device that is the center of this incident. I’m using a nickname because 1) I really don’t want to offend anyone and 2) I hate creepy spammers. So let’s use TNS = Twist-N-Shout in place of a vibrating device. {Oh boy, my armpits are already sweating.}

I never realized I would have a story about a TNS and my son…at 6 years old. {…sigh…}

Disclamer: When I was trying to decide on what name to use for my youngest son on this blog, it came down to either Imp or Gremlin. Not because he reminded me of a little demon, but because he’s so mischievous. Imp sounds too degrading so I chose Gremlin for his blog name.

A couple of weeks ago some good friends called to inform me of a situation that came up at school with Gremlin.  It went something like this:

Mr. Janitor overheard Gremlin talking to some other kids about a pink TNS. Mr. Janitor asked him several times to repeat himself to make sure he was hearing him right. He then sat Gremlin down by himself and went to go get Ms. Counselor…a female. She asked Gremlin what he said and he confidently told her the word and what it meant. She asked him where he had heard that word and he said, “Oh we use it all the time at home!” <WHAT?!> Thankfully, Ms. Counselor felt like this was an issue of miscommunication and just told him that what he was saying sounded too much like another word that’s not so nice and asked him to just not say it anymore.

Because Ms. Counselor thought it was just a misunderstanding, she didn’t call me on it. Which is fine by me.  However, Mr. Janitor thought it was too funny not to tell the cafeteria ladies. What he didn’t know is that one of those ladies was a good friend of ours.

I was a bit horrified because I had been at the school volunteering a couple of times since the time it happened and the time I heard about it. Here I thought I was getting big smiles because everyone was just that nice! Stupid, stupid Jen!

Thankfully, my friend who worked in the cafeteria told him that she knew the parents and really didn’t think they would have those kind of conversations with Gremlin. And she was right!

We did talk with Gremlin about the situation and come to find out he was trying to teach his friends how to talk in Tamil (a South Indian language) but he wasn’t saying it right.  What floors me is that he was tattled on by a couple of the other 1st graders at that table who DID know what a TNS was. Hello…!!

Thankfully Gremlin had no desire to find out what word they thought he was saying. He said, “I have no idea why they were freaking out. Adults just do that sometimes.” *snort*

{And this is where you tell me how typical this is and you have tons of the same kind of stories…right?? 😉 }

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