What is your Red Rubber Ball?

Red Rubber Ball
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To those of us who attended Blissdom the words, ‘Red Rubber Ball’ has taken on a whole new meaning. Before the opening keynote speaker, Kevin Carroll – Katalyst, spoke to us about his passion, a red rubber ball reminded me of the many recesses spent destroying others at 4-square. 😉 However, now I have images of a boy kicking the crap out of this red ball. Taking the frustrations of his little life out on this ball,which quickly turned into a game. This ball saved his life. So for years he’s taught others how to play. Play…that’s it. Just play.

Actually, my favorite part was where he talked about the Red Rubber Ball Project; when they put a 15 foot red rubber ball in the middle of the strangest places to see how people would react. Kids/young people couldn’t walk by without bouncing off it, trying to climb it and if nothing else touching it. Adults? They just walked by as if it wasn’t even there. That resonated with me because I feel like I missed out on a lot of childhood experiences purely because I don’t remember them. I spent too many years shoving experiences down into never-never land that I ended up doing that to even some of the best memories. So, now as an adult, I tend to want to feel as free and passionate as a child.

The only thing I wish he would’ve touched on is, what if someone pops your red rubber ball? Can your passion truly be popped? Was it even your passion to start with? All I know is that I went to Blissdom to find either an open or closed door on my future in writing/blogging/etc and I found a very wide open door and hey….I found my passion too! It was worth the lack of sleep to meet inspiring women and people with more ideas than I can wrap my mind around.

Now it’s time to act. But where to start….?

{And an interesting turn of events…in telling my husband about this, he re-found his red rubber ball!}

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