In the quiet of Bliss(dom)

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Have you ever read a book and the author talks about the ‘buzz of the crowd’? I actually experienced that for the first time, I believe. Put 500 women in one room and you hear buzz. Not individual conversations…just a buzz. But that buzz creates something incredibly powerful. The closest thing I can relate it to are those pictures where it’s just a collage of color, but if you stare at it just right and cross your eyes just a bit, this super cool 3-D image pops out at you. That is BlissDom.

It’s actually a new kind of bliss for me. The dictionary says bliss is: “supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment”. That kind of uber euphoria is definitely going on. And I kinda dig it! It’s like a controlled frenzy.  That’s great stuff for a people-watcher like myself…heh!

But my favorite bliss is peace and quiet. And apparently I needed to charge that side of my soul this morning because my mind woke me up at 5:30. Now I’m just enjoying my mocha in a little cafe with nothing but the sound of birds, waterfalls and an espresso machine. Now that is pure bliss!

One other bliss for me is the most important…my family. I’m missing Oldman’s 10 year birthday and it’s breaking my heart. Off to fill that part of my soul….

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