Blissdom – first impressions

I made it to Nashville without a single hiccup. The flights were on time. I met a really neat lady on the plane. She was headed to Nashville to visit her childhood best friend. They hadn’t seen each other in over 20 years and finally hooked up on Facebook. She inspired me to check up on my childhood friend. Wouldn’t hurt!

I had no problem finding the shuttle and getting to the Opryland Resort and Convention Center. It is SO impressive. The first thing you notice is the jungle. A very beautiful Conservatory area that is chalk full of palm trees, waterfalls and other tropical plants and trees. It’s just gorgeous.

Garden Conservatory

Garden Gazebo

Garden Waterfall

My first workshop is this afternoon and I’m wishing I could’ve attended a few more workshops. I will definitely save up a bit more to do that next year.

I haven’t had a chance to meet any new bloggers yet, but it really doesn’t kick off until tonight. I’m anxious to see everyone. It’s funny how many people I’ve seen from a distance that I’m surprised at their height. Not sure why, but I thought Alli Worthington was short and she’s actually a beautiful tall woman. Who knew? 😉

The boys are already too much in my head. They really had a hard time letting me go, but I know that J talked with them and they’re trying to keep a stiff lip. I also found a love note from them in my suitcase:

Love note2

Love it, guys! *Psst…Gremlin, I found your missing nerf gun dart…it’s in my suitcase. I’ll bring it home to you.*

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