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Ok, this is where I will probably step on many a toe, but really? This needs to be said. (And in case you don’t know me, I don’t have a mean bone in my body…just unfiltered thoughts.)

Follow Friday sucks! {…in my opinion…}

For those of you who have NO idea what I’m talking about is either a Twitter-newbie or a Twitter-noway. So quickly, I will explain. On Fridays, users send out Tweets with a list of people they think their followers should follow using a hashtag of either #FollowFriday or #FF.

That actually sounds like a nice, share-the-love kind of action. And I’m sure that was the intent when this game was created. However, Twitter has turned into a spammers/bad marketers delight and in turn using #FF has left a sour taste in my mouth.

There are thousands upon thousands of people trying to get you to follow them so they can fill your Twitter stream with crap. Buy this! Click here! Make money this way! It’s like a never ending stream of 3am infomercials!

That’s not the Twitter I own. My Twitter connects me to people who want to engage in conversation. Some days it’s the ultimate think tank with incredible minds and some days it’s where I go just to bond with other mothers who get “it”.

So seeing Tweets come across my stream with nothing but a string of Twitter IDs with no other information does not make me want to go check them out. Why do you want me to follow them? What do they mean to you?

The way I follow people on Twitter is “listening” in on conversations. Often throughout the day I check out my favorite peeps from my List and read their stream. If they are having a great conversation with someone, I’ll go to that person’s Twitter page and see what they’re about. From there I decide if I will follow them or not.

So, if you really want to recommend someone to everyone, why not dedicate a single Tweet to them – about them? I’ve seen several people do this, but I so wish we all would.

I would love to hear why you do (or don’t) participate in the #FF string of IDs. What’s your strategy in using #FF?

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  • So glad you wrote this! I could not agree more! I think I participated in #FollowFriday once but, other than that, I tend to ignore most #FF tweets. I’m sure that people are suggesting some really great people and, hopefully, I’ll connect up with those people eventually. But, like you, I want to know WHY I should follow these people. WHY are you suggesting people follow them? Are you just going through your Twitter list and suggesting them this week because it’s “their turn”? Are you suggesting them because it’s part of a giveaway requirement? Or are you suggesting them because they have something to offer (humor, info, thoughts, whatever) that I just can’t continue on without?

    Love the idea of only suggesting one person per tweet on #FollowFriday where you actually tell people WHY they rock!

  • That’s a great idea, I agree with you. What I try to do is make use of my Twitter lists and utilize Tweetdeck as well. I have lists that are writing related, media/celebrity or just people I heart. I usually take a few people per list each Friday and do the #FF as folks from that list. That way writers might find other writers, etc… I think your idea is even better.

  • @Jenny86753oh9 I have NEVER done FF. Didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings if I left them out-plus-my friends r “customized” by me, for me.

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