A letter to my son

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My dear SweetBoy,
I hate to sound so cliche’ but the little talk we had before school today was more painful for me to say than for you to hear. It’s so common for boys your age to want more responsibilities because they’re so close to being teenagers. You’re wanting to spread those wings out and soar, but your wings aren’t fully developed yet. If you try to fly before you’re ready, you’ll fall. Yet even though you want to fly, you want to stay a boy. “Weren’t you the one that told me to be a kid and stop being so serious?” Yes, honey, but you were 6 and you were so serious. You didn’t know how to pretend. You had no imagination. You finally found that being care-free and inventing stories in your head was a good thing and fun, but now you’re getting older and it’s actually past time to start taking on responsibilites. I want to reiterate what I said…there’s a time for everything and when it’s time to play I want you to play hard with no cares in the world. However, when it’s time to focus and be relied on, you need to step up. It’s just a part of growing up. Showing responsibility brings with it privileges.

A frustrating side of parenting is struggling with regrets. I should have made him start cleaning up after himself sooner. I should have paid more attention to this or that. Maybe I should have been more strict. Maybe I should have been more gentle. It plays like a broken record in our head. Some day I pray that you have wondeful children that make you rethink your actions. 😉 It’s worth it in every single way. I hope one day you will look back to this day and know that I mean well and love you more than my own life…truly a gift from God.

Your father and I will help gently guide you through this bit of growing pain (and the ones to come). You will come out a stronger, more disciplined young man. I am already so proud of who you are, I can’t imagine being any more proud, yet as you grow I know I will be.

I know, why don’t I take you out for icecream tonight…just you and me. After you do the dishes… 😉

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