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I feel the need to set something straight. There seems to be a misunderstanding amongst coffee drinkers that if you don’t take your coffee black that you’re not a TRUE coffee drinker. To that I say most professionally, “Psssshhhhaw!!

I have tried to curb my coffee intake no less than 50 gazillion times with no luck…that makes me a coffee addict, not just a coffee drinker. When I wake up in the morning, my body may be awake, but my mind is snoozing soundly until my lips wrap themselves around a hot cup of java.

However, I do not drink it black. I like a little sumpin’-sumpin’ with “the joe”. I don’t drink Folders even though I cry every time Peter comes home for Christmas. I don’t drink Maxwell House even though I completely dig their amateur singers. I’m completely addicted to Dunkin Donuts and Trader Joes. A little Cinnamon Spice and Wintery Blend make me crave it more. The marketer in me jumps for joy over how well the coffee does its job. [High five, you crazy lil’ bean!]

So don’t judge me if I ask for a little accessory to accompany my staple drink.  I’m much more than just a coffee drinker. I’m a fancy-pants coffee drinker!

…now can I be in your club, already??

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  • That’s for darn sure! I’m also a drinker of accessorized coffee, but I am most definitely a coffee drinker. My “add-ins” don’t make it unrecognizable…they just make it delicious!!!

    And by the way….DD and TJ’s are my coffees of choice as well!!

  • OK…I am a DD French Vanilla freak myself…. I like some very high quality half-half…I would LOVE light cream, but it is rare to find it here on the shelves. I like some fake sugar in my joe too…. now, the truth is… people who drink it black are snootie…. so they think they are better…. I know..the truth hurts, but coffee is a building block…that we make better with flavors and cream and sweet stuff. Last time I check… go don’t GROW vanilla coffee…. it is infused…. the plain coffee snobs… are just too lazy to add anything to their coffee…. that is all it is…. they walk around with that weird look on their face because their coffee is black! LIVE and ENJOY… I am!

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