Jenny 867-5309

What I would do to get the domain name:! When I was looking for my current URL (a year or so ago), was owned by a 14 year old girl by the name of ‘Kim’…or rather her parents owned it. About this same time I was driving around town and a commercial came across the radio for some local company by the name of Benjamin-something-or-another. Their business number was 867-5309…they even played a bit of the song! How in the world is Benjamin even remotely connected to Jenny? Now, if their business name was Tommy, then I would understand a bit more. But Benjamin?? …sigh…

There’s not a lot that we Jenny’s have to hold on to, as far as standing out. I mean our name was the top baby girl name for 14 years! How can you be original with that many Jenny’s?? There’s even proof…Facebook has this goofy little quiz where it rates the originality of your parents by what they named you. Oh, c’mon you know it: Big fat F– on that one for anyone who named their daughter Jenny. Not just an F, but an F minus.

Then good ol’ Tommy Tutone comes out with 867-5309.  I mean, the words are a bit pathetic and creepy, but WE HAVE A SONG NAMED FOR US! Heh….

My blog’s URL might be an SEO nightmare, but it’s what I’ve got…it’s me. “I” get stuck in people’s heads.

My job is done here…sing with me…

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  • I am singing with ya girl! I took the FB quiz… F- how bad is it when you get the minus added to an F…. an F is an F, THEY are sending our parents a message…. it isn’t just WRONG to pick a name lacking in originality… it is worse than failure! F-….. popularity….going with the crowd… DON’T do it people… here is me in school? “JENN, JENNIFER, JENNY….” 2/3 of the female population turns and it is then that we make the pledge in our hearts NEVER to use a popular name when ever we have kids…. I made sure the names we picked were NOT on the top 10 list…NOUGH said.

  • I feel your pain, I really do. But, I’m stuck on the fact that a 14 yo girl had her parents buy her a domain name. Why?

    Now, it is pretty cool to have a song. How I long for a song with Dana in it. Sigh.

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