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Tiger Woods

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I feel smarmy even writing that title. *shudder*

A few months ago, we were able to get a new-to-us car. We have never been one of those families that buy new cars every few years. We buy a car cheap and drive it till it dies. I just can’t fathom paying a monthly car payment the price of a house payment (if I can help it). We have been very blessed.

Years ago we bought a used minivan…with fake wood-paneling going down the side.  The paneling didn’t drive me crazy as much as the idea of driving a minivan. I’m not a minivan kind of gal. But I swallowed my pride and drove it anyway. Now I find myself having to swallow my pride again.

This new-to-us car is a Buick LeSabre…the Tiger Woods edition. *shudder* It’s huge but it’s also very comfortable and has all the bells and whistles.  I don’t know which is worse: the fact that it’s a Tiger Woods edition *shudder* or if I’m the only person under the age of 70 driving it!

Thinking positive: Besides being ‘all that’, it’s amazing how many cops have let me slide on going over the speed limit; assuming I’m some little old lady on my way to pick up my social security check. They literately point the radar gun at me, look at the car and move on!  The other thing is that people aren’t quite so quick to pull out in front me.  I guess they’re afraid I’m some old person with bad eyesight who won’t stop for them…hee, hee.

So, fine…I’ll drive ol’ Betsy along with all the blue-haired bonny’s from Branson.

…And ignore the putz who marketed it.

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