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A tummy is such a fickle thing. You make it mad, it will pay you back in ways undescribable. It’s scary, really.

I’m obviously no newbie to the “Delhi belly”…you can’t even visit India without getting the “screamming mimis”. But’s it’s been many, many years since I’ve dealt with it to the extent that I am now.  It’s been a nuisance for about a month but the past 2 days have just been down right mean.  Thanks to Pepto Bismol and some serious Indian ‘giardia’ medicine, I should be a new woman soon. [crossing fingers and toes]

Unfortunately, this means I’m missing the big bash tonight with friends.  J and the boys are going, but I guess it’s just me and Dick Clark tonight. {If he’s still alive…can’t remember.}

So here’s to your good health (and mine)…from my pink cup to your bubblies!



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