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Embracing Beauteousness
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I mentioned last year that I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve never been able to keep them and they just frustrate me to no end. I actually had an incredible year the first year I chose to throw those resolutions out the window and just strove to be who I knew I needed to be. Period. It was very liberating.

As I look back to this past year, my first thoughts are: “There’s no way it was as bad as 2008!” That year was frustrating and unfortunately full of bitterness.  Last year was different. It was hurried and very, very hilly. Up, down, up, down. So I’m very grateful for the ‘Ups’ and pray that I learned something from the ‘Downs’.

I look forward to 2010. It’s the year for ‘Me’. Near the end of this year I’ve finally realized that my missing MoJo was here all along but just needed to step back and let some things play out. Now I’m ready to focus on ‘Me’. Does that mean turning my attention away from my family? Absolutely not. They are a part of what makes me ‘Me’. My children remind me that I am a strong and faithful mother. My husband reminds me that I am sexy and gentle, yet resilient. My passion reminds me that I am alive and a part of a bigger picture then just this moment.

I seem to also feel the need to change my blog design about this time of year too.  Along with a new design is a new focus. With the discovery of my MoJo, I look forward to blogging like I did when I first started blogging. Just to write. Write about my thoughts, my family, and my life. It’s not meant to be exciting to everyone that passes by. It’s not meant to bring the PR/Marketing gurus into my fold. It’s for me and those who I commune with.

A few months ago I felt a peace in my spirit about volunteering again. I had volunteer-burnout from our old church to the point of it being unhealthy. It might be a bit longer before I volunteer at a church but I’m thrilled to no ends to be a part of a great group of ladies at A Woman Inspired. They asked me to be lead moderator for their online community. What a blessing and an encouragement it is to know you can go to one place and connect with women about sharing something so special in your heart, a prayer request, or even an interesting read. This forum is full of incredible women who support and inspire me daily.

*Big deep breath*

So I start…

C’mon 2010…BRING IT.

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