Goal: A magical Christmas

FB-Boys-with-Santa-09I am one of those sappy women that can’t approach Christmas without weeping. I don’t shed sorrowful tears, instead they are filling up my “Joyous Tears” jar. Christmas screams hope and joy around every corner. The key though is you have to look for it.

This past weekend, we went to Bass Pro to let the boys run amuck through their Santa land.  We weren’t planning on doing the Santa thing. Not because we’re anti-Santa, but the boys have always been a bit pompous about that whole thing. “Silly fairy tales,” as OldMan mutters. However, we happen to get there before the crowd got crazy so I got in line while J took the boys around the train tracks, the racing tracks, and the shooting range. Even though OldMan swore he was too old for this and was only going to stand next to Santa, seeing Santa look him in the eyes and say, “Hello, young man, I hope you’re not too old to come talk to me.” melted OldMan into butter. He was a great Santa!

However, while I was in line by myself, I was struggling with a conversation I was hearing from the mother and son behind me. I heard the following comments come out of the mom’s mouth:

~Let’s practice your smile, Lord knows you need it.
~Say,”Pumpkin”…never mind, that’s worse. Just smile!
~Stop talking, it’s embarrassing.
~Don’t touch the rope again or your grounded.
~If you look at me one more time I’m grounding you for a week.
~Oh good, you’re crying like a baby. Just perfect for your picture with Santa.
~`(After he told her, “You’re ruining this for me, mom.”) Don’t blame me, this is all your fault.

I quickly felt my pulse start to race, my arms and legs were going numb. I wanted to take that boy and fiercely protect him. I struggled with what to do or say. I prayed feverishly that the Lord would take away these harsh words from his memory. About that time, there was some technical difficulties so Santa came into the line and started talking to the kids. That immediately cheered the boy up.

Last night, that mother and son came to my mind again. I prayed for them both this time.  That little boy needed to experience a magical Christmas, but I think the mother needed to as well. I prayed that she would find a renewed hope and maybe a reminder of what the Joy of Christmas was about.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas,
Let your heart be light
From now on,
Our troubles will be out of sight
Have yourself a merry little Christmas,
Make the Yule-tide gay,
From now on,
Our troubles will be miles away.

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  • I am shocked at times at how parents can behave towards their children. Christmas time is suppossed to be magical for all kids, age 0 -199. It makes no difference. I get really angry when someone ruins the magic for a child because they are so caught up in the reality of themselves! Good for you for settng in to motion positive vibes and prayers to change the magic for tht little boy!

    Your kiddos look adorable with Santa too!!

    Thanks, Pink Haired Momma! I do hope that boy looks back to that day as good memories, despite his mom’s words.

  • Ah yes, I’ve witnessed moments like that. It’s VERY hard to keep my mouth shut. Especially considering that I love kids and will never have any of my own, yet some people have them and don’t deserve them.

    That makes it even that much more tragic, Misty.

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