I’m home finally…but did he make it?

airplaneWow…did I ever pick the wrong day to travel back home!  The worst winter storm of the season.  I figured we would be safe traveling through Phoenix, but those people do NOT know how to handle rain! It was raining for the first time in 6 months and it was  downpour. You would think the world was ending!  I guess that’s desert living for you.

We ended up getting stranded in Phoenix (No thanks to US Airway and AllegantAir…! Ahem.) and having to buy new tickets through American Airlines into Springfield the next day.  We got to Dallas but almost got stranded there!  Nothing will bring out the MamaBear faster than when the airlines (and weather) are keeping you from your babies!  It’s amazing how quick, your survival skills try to kick in when you “feel” like someone/thing is keeping you from your kids.  It’s truly mental!

Then I looked over at the guy next to me. He was figeting like all get out. He saw that I noticed him and sheepishly said, “I’m on leave and don’t want to miss one second of it with my family.”


I felt stupid.

Here was this military guy who was on leave until the end of the month, then he was going back to the front line, Afganistan this time.

I had just seen my kids 4 days earlier…he hadn’t.
I have been there for every one of my kids’ birthdays…he hasn’t.
I have celebrated almost every holiday with my kids…he hasn’t.
I’ve talked to my children, every single day of their lives…he hasn’t.

That hit me like a brick.

I don’t know if he ever made it home. I know that that particular flight was cancelled and he didn’t switch to the same flight we did. There was one more flight to Springfield later in the day. I sure hope he made that one.

I prayed for him and his family. I also thanked the good Lord for blessing me with the type of situation where I have my husband and children by my side every day.

It’s the little things that are really so huge.

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