Season beginnings

Black Friday in New York City
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Thanksgiving is over.

Black Friday is over.

Christmas is here.


So far, we have just enjoyed the beginning of this season. There hasn’t been a rush in putting all the decorations up on the same night or rushing around doing this or that. We put the outside lights up last weekend (it was just too warm not to!), I’ve got the tree in the living room up with lights but nothing else and the Christmas cards have come in. It actually feels like I’ve got my act together without trying too hard. I’m even leaving for California for the weekend and I’m STILL not stressed about “getting everything done in time”.

It’s a great feeling for a change.

I can’t help but giggle when I think of the guys bacheloring it all weekend. J will be fine…the boys aren’t quite as confident though. HA! They always end up doing fine, but I’m sure some things in my kitchen will be missing. Every time I leave on a trip, I come back to less things in the kitchen…not sure how that keeps happening.

I’m heading out to spend some time with my grandparents…just Mum and I doing a road trip.  (This is where you don’t say, “Ah…how nice.” Instead you should fidget a bit.) Mum and I are bit like Thelma and Louise in airports.  We’ll never make it through  TSA without SOME kind of issue.  Mum’s metal hip will be the death of us all. If not her hip, then some other prosthetic thing-a-ma-jig. 😀

At least I’ll have something blog about!

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