Dreaming Christmas Decorations

Anyone who knows me for five minutes knows that I’m a bit ridiculous about Christmas. November is always a hard month for me so as a distraction I plunge head first into Christmas.  Christmas and Jolly goes hand in hand…leaves no room for grumpy old people me.

I don’t live in the home of my dreams yet but if I did, here are a few things I would love to do around the holiday:

Tiny, cramped entryways make me itchy… I want a large enough space so I can put a warm, glowing tree on an entry table.

Christmas tree hall

When we lived in the Nilgris Hills of South India we used to decorate our house with Eucalyptus branches and leaves for the holidays. Now, that smell just oozes Christmas for me. Isn’t this a beautiful garland?

Eucalyptus garland

I adore the many ways people choose to show off their Christmas cards, but I love this idea of gift-wrapping the clothespins that hold the cards.

gift wrapped clothespins

I used to wrack my brain with ideas of how to hang stockings when we didn’t have a fireplace.  I love this idea…can you imagine having a stocking sock for each letter of your name? Where was this when I was a kid? 😉

stocking socks

Photos from: Martha

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  • OK….now I am feeling pressure! It makes my cheesey Christmas pale…. It is no secret that I only pretend to love Christmas…. I really WANT TO love it, but it was such a let down for me as a kid…no not because of presents….because of the Most WOnderful TIme of the year thing…. I wanted to believe that at least once a year things were supposed to be OK…. and ummm NOPE. This year I choose to LOVE it because Jesus says I can break that issue I have with it… AMen sista (can some please pass the collection plate) HA HA HA I love myself and my comedic ways!

    LOVE you friend…I need address for you to get my Christmas card.

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