Trolls Thanksgiving

Yesterday someone twittered, “Why is it so hard to remember to be thankful during this time of year?!”

I’ll tell you why…because even though Thanksgiving is always on the fourth Thursday of November, it always sneaks up on us!  How does that do that?! How can you be thankful when you’re running around like a turkey with it’s head cut off trying to get everything done in time?

I swear that I was planning in October…but I lost my notes.  Then we all caught the flu from Hades or some other pig farm location.

The only saving grace is that we’re not going anywhere. I can’t imagine having to plan a trip right now.  How are you guys doing it??

I’ve been seeing a lot of lists on how to relax and enjoy Thanksgiving. They all say pretty basic things…but maybe we just need that kind of reminder.

Breathe…it clears the head a bit.

Look around you…your kids are doing something that will make you laugh. And laughter is the best medicine.

Give some hugs…there’s something releasing about opening your arms and heart to another.

Pray…find the peace of the season with a quiet moment with God.

I hope these ideas give you just a moment of peace to relax in the moment.  Maybe you might even find a second to be thankful.

Just in case: next year Thanksgiving is on November 25th. You’re welcome. 😉


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  • We’re going back to the home state to visit family and attend my cousin’s wedding, which is on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

    I’m worried it’s just going to be too hectic. Too many people to see and not enough time. I love seeing them, but I’m afraid it’s just going to be running from ‘obligation’ to ‘obligation’ while on our vacation! *sigh*

  • Ahhh, good advice. I do need to take a deep breath.

    I spent the day volunteering at school and shopping for the season and now I have such a headache that I can hardly face the “leftover from the weekend” mess that surrounds me.

    Deep breaths, tylenol, deep breaths…

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