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Do you remember the moment you realized you just knew what you wanted to do for a career?

For me it was in 10th grade. My English teacher started the year out saying, “By now you should have some idea of the direction you want to go. You have 1 week to pick something and start writing about it.”

I freaked.

I had never thought about it! I was one of those air-headed take-one-day-at-a-time kind of girl. I barely knew what the word ‘future’ meant.  Plus I had just transferred to that school from a private school and no one talked about life after high school there.

To be quite honest, I guess I knew from the moment she started talking about it.  She even wrote it on the chalkboard….which almost seemed like fate (like, oh my gosh, for sure!!!)


The guy beside me asked, “What kind of job is that?”

She wrote, “Communications – broadcasting / journalism / public relations / marketing”

The tingle sparked at the base of my brain and ran down my spine. (Yes, I was a loser in high school.) 😛

So I went to college pursuing a degree in Communications with an emphasis in Broadcasting.  I was going to be the next Barbara Walters!

Then I discovered politics.

Oh no, not the real politics. Just the one that slaps a little reality in your world. I hadn’t even finished my first year in college when I found out the politics in broadcasting.

No, thank you.

Many, many years later I ended up coming back full circle in the communication side of things. The whole point of my embracing the idea of Communications is that I love people.  Man, there are some wack-a-doodle-doo’s out there…and that’s intriguing.

The underlying part to communication is always the written and verbal word. I do the verbal thing all day long, but crave the written word.  So this year I decided to branch out a little bit back into that side of communication.  This blog has been great for it, but I’ve really lost ‘the touch’ and need to exercise that out again.

So I’m writing for Blissfully Domestic.  My first article went up yesterday. I’m very excited about it because Blissfully Domestic is a great organization that is ran by some great ladies. I’m thrilled they are letting me sharpen my ‘typing pen’ with them.

I’d love any feedback you might have. I’m a true believer that ‘iron sharpens iron’ and any honing is welcome!

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  • Nice article! I can’t decide what I am, but I’m pretty sure it’s water. I don’t conform very well at all sometimes.

  • Oh – this is awesome!
    I THOUGHT I new what I wanted to be when I was in highschool… but then photography came and hit me in the face later in life. In highschool, whatever I went into, I knew I wanted it to involve creative writing and computers/web design. Now, of course, the photography is the main passion; I’m going to college online for my webpage development certificate; and other than my blogs, I don’t do ‘creative writing’ hardly at all anymore.
    Go figure!

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