Striving to be a Pottery Barn

Personalized MugIn the process of finding my MoJo, I’ve discovered a love for simple things and a more simpler life.  Everything from growing plants from my own hands to just sitting with my boys and learning how their brain works.

Once I chose to sit down and just open my mind to find new loves and interests it was like a floodgate. It was like I was barely scratching the surface of the things I loved and now my eyes were open to what more it could entail.

One of those things is pottery.  Sounds simple enough but when you realize that a each good piece of pottery is unique. From the exact form, to the color glazes. I love the stoneware with blues in it.  Not just the blue and browns or the blue and reds. But a mixture of each.  What a great set that would make!medium batter bowl pottery

Unfortunately the downside to the unique upside is that there are SO MANY customed ideas that it’s hard to find one place that sells everything I might like.  I’m such a newbie too so that’s taking a lot of time.

If you have a favorite local place that sells online, I’d love to check it out. At this point, my favorite has been Silver Dollar City’s Pottery Store. Unfortunately, they don’t sell online, but their pottery is exactly what I love.

So slowly but surely I hope to start collecting pieces to add to my hutch. I excited to work on this lengthy project!
Photos by MissPottery

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