Enjoying real life

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This year I have discovered the joys of blogging again. Because I don’t HAVE to. I get to.  And lately I’ve been enjoying some real life living:

~Hanging with my Famous Bro and his wife (Yes, you’re famous too, Wee)
~Hanging with my In-laws
~Enjoying real-face-to-face friends
~Being read to by my 1st grader
~Having deep discussions about Character and Loyalty with my 4th grader
~Cooking with both of them
~Playing soccer with the boys until we can’t see the ball
~Getting to know my husband in a new way
~Replacing deck doors
~Siding the house
~Decorating with crazy, off the wall pumpkins
~Getting involved in great organizations and people’s lives

It’s been a great few weeks.

I love the peace and contentment that I get naturally because it’s Fall. The new crisp air has a way of cleaning out the stuffy cobwebs of Summer.

…and I might be on some new hormone pills.

I love you, Dr. OB/GYN.

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