Gremlin: Mom, what’s your job?

Me: My job is being your mom, honey.

Gremlin: Well, that’s not enough.

Me: Why not? That’s hard work sometimes, ya know?

Gremlin: Weeeeell, Jesus said you have to have 3 jobs.



Me: Ok, so 1) I’m your mom, 2) I help people with computer software and 3) I’m daddy’s wife. How’s that?

Gremlin: Hmmm…well, I guess that will work.  But being a wife isn’t hard enough to really count it as a job.

Oh trust me buddy….it does, it does.


Intro: Hulkman (Bro with Down Syndrome) calls me from time to time at work. It’s an independence thing with him.  Usually it’s ok. He’s also calling not as himself, but usually he’s MacGyver or Indiana Jones, etc.

This time I was in a meeting…

Me (semi-whispering): Hello?

Hulkman: “Jenny. Hello. It’s me, Jesus of Nazareth.

Me: “Hulkman, this isn’t a good time. I’m in a meeting.”

Hulkman (loudly): “I’m not Hulkman. I’m Jesus of Nazareth”

*The guy in the meeting start snickering*

Me: “Sigh…Jesus, this isn’t a good time. I’m in a meeting.”

Hulkman: “But I’m Jesus!”

…the phone conversation continues about the same for a few more minutes then I turn to a red-faced, snorting business man.

Me: “Sorry. I had to take that. Jesus is very persistent and would’ve kept calling until I answered. You cannot escape Jesus.”

*Roars of laughter*

I’m sure we’ll get the business on that conversation alone. I mean who doesn’t want a persistent Jesus on their side?!

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