Rockin’ instead of sleepin’

Sleep. Sleep has been eluding me this past week.

Somebody should’ve written in those pre-marital books, “Oh, and by the way, hope you enjoyed all those teenaged years of sleeping like a log because now your husband is going to snore like a demon-pig and you won’t ever sleep through the night. And if you happen to be one of those rare, lucky ones whose husband doesn’t snore and drool in your ear, your children will keep you up each and every night. Whether it’s to be fed, night terrors, or just yelling in their sleep, your nights will never, ever be the same again.”

Just about the time I think I’m alone in a parenty/mothery/wifey issue, all I have to do is read another blog or catch up on Twitter to find that EVERY mother on earth is feeling the EXACT same way.

The interweb rocks.

Speaking of rocks…(I rock at segues. I also rock so that I don’t spell ‘segway’ by mistake.) :-)

I’m usually a day late and a dollar short, but this one I’m years behind.  I have discovered Veggie Rocks!  We got it this morning and my 9yo and I have been rockin’ out all afternoon.  We were the family that enjoyed a few VeggieTales here and there, but in all honesty as much as my husband loved them, I hated them. Totally got on my very last nerve. But this CD rocks!

Rebecca St. James redid the theme song and it’s amazing. Relient K’s version of The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything is one of my favorites by far (see video). I think Oldman likes it so much because he remembers the songs from when he was little but is now “obviously too mature for those old baby songs”. If you’ve got pre-tween, I think they’ll LOVE this CD.

(Ok, so if you’re really more of a 10-year-old nerd at heart, you’ll love it too. Just don’t tell your co-workers….you’ll never live it down.)

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  • My teenagers love the Pirates who don’t do anything movie. I can’t wait to show them this video. What a crack up. I guess we’re just a whole family full of 10 year old nerds. (And I’ll bet my husband shows his buds at work even;])

  • My family is a HUGE Veggie Tales fan. They are so fun. I’m happy you found a way to like them yourself. 😉

    I have heard Reliant K’s version but never seen the video. I can’t wait to share it with the kids.

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