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Tribute in Light, 9/11/03

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We were in the basement. It was an off day. J didn’t have to work that day so we were loll-i-gaggin while the Today show was on.  I’m a news addict so it’s always on, but not usually when J’s around. Oldman was 1 1/2 and was playing around on the floor at our feet when I heard Matt Lauer’s voice sound off. Then Katie Couric’s shaky voice came on about a plane hitting the World Trade Center. They had live feed of the burning building.

We turned up the sound.

“J. That’s another plane in the background!”

Everything went into slow motion as we watched the second plane hit the WTC. I couldn’t catch my breath. This was really happening. You cannot have 2 accidental plane crashes!

I instinctively grabbed Oldman and held him to my chest.

The rest of the day was filled with shock and prayers as our country was being attacked over and over by terrorists.  Pictures and video streams filled our head and hearts with tragedy and horror. I selfishly prayed, “Thank you Lord for sparing my family.” My heart broke over the families that weren’t spared.

September 11th will absolutely NEVER be the same for our country, our family and our friends. We will never forget.

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