Like Mother, like Gremlin

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I will never be able to adequately explain that feeling of overwhelming love, heart-stopping pride, yet cautious concern that a mother has for her child. The idea that this “feeling” is just a touch of what our Heavenly Father feels for us drives me crazy. I suck as a child of God. When Gremlin wraps his arms around my neck and cries mournfully because it’s “so hard to have a good heart”, I get it.  I’ve cried that same cry to my “Father”.

The odd thing is Gremlin has THE biggest heart. I watch him with other boys and if they need encouragement he gives it freely. If there’s a boy that’s getting out of line, he’ll casually say, “Hey, let’s not do/say that. C’mon, let’s play!”

He’s such a fearless boy; obvious by the countless scars on his head. So I was suprised last summer when he refused to ride his bike without training wheels. I wasn’t going to push the issue, but was admittedly frustrated and disappointed when he refused this summer as well. I just knew he was going to enjoy his summer so much more on two wheels vs. four.  But I also knew that he would do it when he was ready.

I should’ve known watching his younger neighbor friend take off on two wheels would spark that ‘readiness’. Sometimes you just need to see a peer do something to get your fire going. We needed to leave for school in 5 minutes so he jumped on that bike and taught himself in 2. That little…..Gremlin.

I’m so happy for him but it doesn’t seem to scratch the surface of how much he’s pleased with himself.  Last night he leaned over to kiss me goodnight from the “big boy” top bunk of his bed and whispered, “You were right all along, Mom. Sorry it took so long for me to listen.”  I gave that little gremlin a big ol’ hug right back understanding where he’s at. After all, I say that to my Heavenly Father at least ever other week.

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