My nest needs sprucing

Yesterday I got my Fall box down and realized with horror that I was so frustrated with my deco from last year that I had thrown almost all of it away. Bad Jenny, bad Jenny!

As a part of Melissa’s Fall Nesting party, she is giving away a $200 gift card to HomeGoods (TJMaxx) in case you need a little help in a room. Here’s the area of my living room that needs some help:

Don’t pay no mind to that horrible job of mirror cleaning.  J just doesn’t have that knack and I have to give it time before I fix it because “No, honey. You did a great job!” Hee! I love my ‘Give Thanks’ plaque and candles but it’s still too stark for me.

The plain lamp shade is driving me crazy! and I need some material or something down there, don’tcha think??

Since I’ve got a great opportunity for new Fall deco (ahem!) then I’ve been checking out some great ideas:

~You can sign up for free holiday and Celebrations e-newsletter through Better Homes and Garden for the next 100 days.  You can decide which holidays you’d like most info/ideas on, etc.  Hello, it’s BHG…good stuff!

~Frugal ideas for Autumn decor ideas are pretty good at Budget101

~Another BHG place for great Autumn Decorating ideas. (I swear I’m not a BHG fruitloop, but they do have some great ideas.

Now I need to see what else I can find and then on to some Fall recipes….

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  • I did that with my Christmas deco a few years ago, got rid of stuff and then when Christmas came around again I was like, “oh, crap”. But I’m slowly rebuilding.

    Your “Give Thanks” sign is precious! I’m sure you could find lots of cute things to compliment what you already have.

  • You’re so diplomatic about the mirror!

    I also love the flower arrangement. Have you thought about painting the lampshade or doing some sort of faux finishing?

    Actually, I’ve never really thought about doing something to the shade itself. Great idea…thanks, Angela! -Jen

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