I’m FALLing in love

patch o' pumpkins

Image by Darwin Bell via Flickr

This is my 3rd day of Heaven.

No air conditioner…Windows wide open…Sounds of kids riding bikes and scooters.

How is this possible, in Southern Missouri, in the last part of August/first part of September?? Actually, this whole summer has been so mild I haven’t had to water my lawn not one single day. My grass is as green as it was in the Spring.

Love. It.

I’m blaming the cooler than normal climate on my desire to decorate for Fall NOW. My friends were laughing at me because this weekend I put a pumpkin decoration beneath my mailbox…just to annoy the mailman you know. A-heh…  😉

So when I heard that The Inspired Room was having her annual Fall Nesting Party, I got a little obnoxious giddy.  It’s where she gets us in the mood for Fall decorating.  Now I’m SO not a decorating kind of person, but for Fall…well, my main 2 colors, year round, in my living room is burnt orange and rust red.  We give Thanksgiving every day of the year!

I do hope to get wonderful ideas on what to do with my fireplace this year and what more I can do outside (I have cornstalks from our garden this year!)…I’m so tired of doing the same thing.

And I can’t forget the recipes! I’m ready for some new recipes too.

If you guys aren’t participating but you have  a tried and true decoration/recipe that you use and don’t mind sharing…I’d love to hear about it!

**Thanks so much for all the ideas and thoughts on homework time. It’s actually comforting to realize that this is just a rite of Parenthood passage.**

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  • I adore Fall! I wish we had it here. I have a feeling I’d love your living room. Those look great together. Burnt orange is my son’s favorite color. It has nothing to do with a certain college team either, ahem. 😉

  • As soon as the weather gets cool, I always start thinking fall decorations. And stews. And muffins! It must be that pioneer attitude of building up stores for the winter. Are you going to post pics of your fall decorations?

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