When’s homework time?

Dogs really do eat homework
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It seems like I’ve flip-flopped for two years on when the best time to do homework would be. I know the personality of the child should be taken into mind, and their grade, but I still struggle with it.

Growing up my folks would let me go out and play with my friends until dinner time. It gave me the chance to unwind and got me out of the way while mum was cooking dinner. I didn’t have to do homework until after I washed dishes.

Usually I have Oldman do his homework as soon as he gets home to get it out of the way. Plus, once school gets going he usually has soccer practice or church in the evening.  This year it seems I’m having to fight him that much more on getting to his homework.

“Can’t I just have a break?”, says the ‘overly worked’ 4th grader.

*rolling eyes*

I guess I don’t mind on the nights that he doesn’t have practice, but then again what about the need for routine?

Any thoughts on this?….

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  • We tend to split the difference. I do think they need a little break. I know I do when I get home. So we do a snack time. Then jump on the home work. FOr me this works because my husband is home with them and I work. Even on days we don’t have practices etc to be at I don’t want to have the only time I have with them be taken by making dinner/eating and homework.

  • I agree, I think it depends on the child.

    My kids know that if they have homework, they are not allowed on the video games or computer until it’s done. So they usually grab a bite to eat and zone in front of the TV for a bit before hitting the books. I have found that that’s all the motivation they need to get their work done because they want to get back to their games/computer.

    I also think it’s necessary to take breaks, just ten minute spurts, to recharge the brain battery on really long assignments. Cuts down on frustration, for everyone involved. :-)

  • Nice to hear this is a dilemma for other moms… I hate to make my son (5th grader) start homework immediately, because I do think he needs a break. But then, depending on the amount of homework, if we wait until later in the evening it COULD take much longer than anticipated. (“Oh, I forgot, I ALSO have to do…” Ack!!) What I really need to do is just have a set pattern, but it really does fluctuate, depending on the amount of homework and what else is going on that evening.

  • Before we started homeschooling I was always torn as well. I don’t remember having as much homework when I was growing up as kids now do. It takes them so much longer to get it done….. I used to let them have free time til around 5pm, then while I cooked supper they did homework, and knew they didn’t get evening TV or game time until they got it finished up.

  • We have the EXACT SAME FIGHT. I don’t know what the answer is. All I know is that I refuse to let them watch TV on school nights. TV is the enemy during the week.

  • Ok here is my, “I used to be a teacher” answer…nut remember that I was the FUN teacher and actually was called in to see ADMIN for not giving ENOUGH homework! I detest homewoek….home is family time. So if they are going to be “made” to do home work…make it useful and get your mommy points out of it too….I know it is a stressful time, but if you give the 45 minutes of devoted time to the homework corner or tavle or what ever…. it goes smoother. Read a book at the table and be available for help… have snacks ready and make goof sounds as you eat…. talk about how there should be a NO HOMEWORK policy…. and then discuss that there are things in this life that we do now and will do later that we think are ridiculous, but are “have-to’s” THe speech on the “can I have a break?” Poot kid…. they really need the break, but brain research study suggests that “Prime time” you know when we all sit down and veg for the new fall line up? That when the sun goes down, food in the tummy… it is time to settle and be settled…. it is primal in nature…. back from the days wehre there were no lights…. so…. I vote for a fun block of time at the table with Mummy making as crazy fun as I know she can! LOVE YOU call me

  • Oh, how I hate homework! Especially since I don’t feel it’s really looked at (in elementary school) so what happens if it’s done totally wrong? Bah!

    Anyway, I think it’s up to the child’s personality. My son likes to get it done and over with so he can relax the rest of the evening. My daughter likes to do that, too, but sometimes she’ll wait until the morning. She gets up way early. Both of them hate to have to worry about homework when it’s tv watching time.

    I’m not sure if it’s because they are older or their personalities, but I really don’t have to watch over them & make sure it gets done.

  • I just came back to read what others had to say. Good info from Jenn the used to be teacher. (what is with that name and our generation?) I love to hear about studies and what is thought to be best for our bodies, minds, etc. We have one HS grad, 2 in HS and one in grade 5. The highschoolers tend to put things off so we’re starting the year off with required time and planners. We’ll see how that goes.

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