Here’s the 5 buck dealio

Word is spreading fast in the blogosphere and twitterverse about the 1-year subscription to Southern Living for 5 bucks.  So in case you haven’t heard or haven’t done it yet…..get your deal here.

Now if you really don’t care, well….I get it.  I’m a sucker for magazines when it gets close to Fall and Christmas.  They got some creative people writing for them and I fall – hook, line and sinker! Like I just got my Fall magazine for Midwest Living and the cover made me almost swoon.  I LOVE FALL!

*nervous grin*

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  • I miss everything by not Twittering. Oh well, I spend enough time online as it is.

    I can’t read those magazines. I feel inadequate in comparison to those articles and pictures. Kind of like looking at pictures of supermodels and then posing at the bathroom mirror. Ugh.

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