Lactic acid is my mortal enemy

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I can barely type.

It burns.

And it stings.

And I’m a pansy.

It all happened because school started. It was a typical first day of school in trying to get the boys around…trying to shake off the lazy, summer fog. The act of getting up before the sun is completely out doesn’t compute in their grainy little heads. With a lot of poking and prodding, we got them dressed, fed, and backpacks ready to go. With just enough time to get some First Day of School pictures.

I always do single shots of them, then a few of all four of us. The boys’ pictures turned out great. I found myself stunned that I was a mother of a 4th and 1st grader. Wasn’t I just a single, 25-year-old yesterday?

Still trying to rush through the pictures, we took a family photo. I checked it real quick before letting anyone move….and there it was. My previous moment of being stunned by my boys jumped to panic at what I saw.  Must be the light. HAS to be the light. I told everyone that it didn’t take right so we rearranged everyone and tried it again.

It was still there. It wasn’t the camera. It was me! Or rather it was my arms (aka: sausage rolls).

I have always had to watch my thighs and butt…because this girl’s got ‘back’. Know what I mean??

But my arms have always been defined. I have really broad shoulders and I usually have to watch out that I don’t look like some wrestling chic from WWE. But somehow, this summer, my arms went from pipes to pork!

I was definitely not a 25-year-old hottie. I’m a 37-year-old plump mommy. Oiy!

But that is going to change.  Well…at least the plump part.  I’m ok with 37, but I’m not ok with plumpy. Yesterday I started my new regiment at the Y. I work a block away from it so it’s easy to get an hour in before picking up the kids. Now, since it was first day back to the grind, I didn’t come anywhere NEAR the 1 hour work out schedule. It was more like 20 minutes, but I worked hard on everything and it felt great! Today is a different story. My arms…my shoulders…my back. They hate me.

Lactic acid…I will crush you!!

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  • Why do we not see ourselves in the mirror the same way as in a picture. My niece is a photographer and took some family pics of us this summer. I swear I’m not that big in real life. It must be the camera. Keep up the working out and have your man massage those arms, they’ll feel better soon! =]

  • Oh my dear sister-friend Jenny! I just got back from vacay and wow! Arm fat. Tummy fat… and those thighs. I know what you mean. The pictures prove it. I start Body for Life tomorrow…

  • I don’t think I see myself accurately, either. When someone takes my picture, I awlays have some dorky look on my face. But maybe your workout regime will inspire me to define my arms and butt again! Cool photo, though.

  • Sigh, I so need to follow your example. Lamb’s braces are finally paid off and I think we are going to use the available ortho money to get a membership at the Y. That’s the plan anyway. We both know what happens when you make a plan, tho! 😉

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