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Quizzical Hummingbird
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The boys and I had the coolest experience yesterday. I was reading a book cleaning my house when Gremlin ran into the house  yelling, ‘Mom, you’ve got to come outside. We really need your help!”

Now, I had heard him running in and out of the kitchen and was figuring he was up to no good. When I went out to the front yard, Oldman was wearing my cleaning gloves up to his elbows and trying to put something in a tree. The same tree that holds some dang cute little mourning doves.

“Oh please don’t be one of the babies….”

It was worse.  It was a young hummingbird (a female from her markings).

Her eyes were closed and her head kept spasming with nothing else moving. She was a goner.

I took her inside and warmed up a towel and placed her in it. I started prepping the boys for the inevitable ending…”Now guys, I think she’s been hurt really bad and I don’t think she’s going to make it.  The best we can do is try to make her comfortable until she passes on, ok?”

Then she stuck her tongue out.

I just so happen to have had some hummingbird nectar in my cabinet so I made some up real quick and put her beak down by the nectar and she started slurping it up.  She opened one eye but wasn’t moving anything else. She seemed to be done so I put her back in the towel and she immediately started flopping.  She looked in so much pain and kept arching her head over to her left side. She’d flop on her back and not be able to get righted. I finally arranged the towel so it cupped around her while she was in a sitting position.

Then she opened her other eye, fluffed her feathers and sat still.

Everytime I would talk to her she would turn her head towards me. I started thinking: what am I going to do with her? We can’t keep a hummingbird but she obviously can’t fly.

Her tongue started sticking out again so I went to pick her up to give her some more nectar but she jumped up and started flying! It wasn’t quite right but she was doing the job…all over my kitchen!  The dogs noticed so I grabbed her real quick and headed outside. I figured she would take off as soon as we got outside, but I guess she wasn’t ready because she just sat in my hand quite content.

She actually fell asleep. {Cute, cute, cute!}

My mum had told me that they needed that sugar water because they burn so much energy when flying so I took her to some of my flowers that they like to drink from and she went to town. She would actually jump up off my hand and hover over my hand, then land right back and look around. It was so cool.

I figured, maybe, something happened to her and when she couldn’t get to flowers, she started dehydrating and just lost all energy.

She finally jumped up one last time, hovered right in front of my face then started spiralling up and and up and up then shot over our house. It was awesome.  I couldn’t see her for a little bit but I stayed outside just in case she came back and sure enough….she shot back over our house, super fast, then swirled around my head and took off.

It was such a neat exerience and the boys keep telling everyone that they “saved the life of a hummingbird and she came back to say thank-you!”

…where’s a tree….I need to hug a tree….

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  • Awesome! That reminds me….I noticed my feeder was empty the other night and forgot to cook up a new batch for them. Between my neighbor and me, we’ve always got several hummers around the house.

  • I have an irrational fear of birds so the whole thing would have left me needing shock therapy.

    However, for normal people, what a lovely thing to get to experience. One of my friends calls things like this “postcards from God.” Little experiences that lets us know He’s thinking of us. Or you. God would never send anything to me that had anything to do with a bird.


  • DUDE! FABULOUS story. You know that I am “going to go there”

    It just remeinds me of us sometimes…. that wvwn if we are doing what we are supposed to do… if we don’t or can’t take care of ourselves and get what we need… we’ll die, but God is cool because he sends people on our path who take us in and warm us up and just HAPPEN to have hummingbrid juice in their house… and suddenly… everything seems better. And that little baby bird… loves you and trusts you and even popped back by as if to give you a shout out! Makes me want to thank anyone and everyone who has been there for me… and makes me imagine the sheer delight in the heart of God when we “pop back by” to say thanks.

    You rock Jen! And I remember well… you helping me when life was kicking my ass…. thanks friend. (Can I cus on here?) Erase it if it is a no no.

    <3 YOU

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