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The boys were dropped off to some WONDERFUL friends by 2pm and we were in Branson around 3pm or so. We really don’t go to Branson that much in the summer. Mostly because there are so many tourists. But we just needed a little get away and our 11th anniversary was a perfect excuse. The only thing we had planned on going to was the Comedy Club at The Landing.  Tammy Pescatelli (Last Comic Standing) was performing and we got seated in the front table.

That made me nervous! I’ve never been to a comedy club but I’ve watched quite a number of specials on the Comedy Channel and know that if you’re close enough, you’re gonna get ripped on.  The only thing that made me feel better was that we (and a mother/daughter table) were really the only one’s that looked half-way normal. I was really hoping that we were too boring to get any attention. Besides, I knew that Tammy was more of a funny storyteller than a crude, f-bomb dropping comedian.

What I wasn’t planning for was the guy who opened for her. Luca Palanca.  Now HE was a f-bomb dropping comedian.  And he was scanning the crowd! Since we had a 4-top of gay guys next to us and table of old couples in Hawaiian shirts behind them, Oh and the couple from the sticks of Arkansas…we made out great!  He just looked at us and smiled.  I actually didn’t think he was that bad except we had a drunk heckler in the room.  She thought she was just helping his act, I’m sure. But it was annoying! Luca tried to get her to shut up in a humorous way, but no doing.  So he just started embarrassing her. Bad. Or at least she should have been embarrassed.  I really think she threw his rhythm off.  It was bad enough that the first thing that Tammy said when she came on stage was, “Don’t even start with me lady. You need Jesus!”

All in all it was a great evening…Tammy was funny…I got a picture taken with her, but it turned out horrible (stinkin iPhone!).  She also told me that she really liked my hair (and my stinkin’ hairdresser has moved and I’ve got to go to someone new!).  I defintely recommend seeing her if she comes to your area.

We also got a lot of great shopping done so I came home VERY pleased.  And most importantly – relaxed.

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