4 weeks and counting

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The boys are freaking out.

I’m freaking out….in  a good way.

School starts in 4 weeks and I…can’t…wait!

Oldman is already stressing that he might get a teacher that he really doesn’t like. That he might have to wear jeans again. That he hasn’t memorized his multiplication tables like he was supposed to!

Gremlin’s really only nervous about two things 1) he’ll have to wear underwear all day long and 2) finding out who his teacher will be and if he’ll know any of his classmates. 

Our district has added another Elementary school so they’ve divided the district up differently this year.  At the end of last year he found out that only 2 other people in his class was going to be going back to Central.  It’s amazing to me how much this new division is affecting the kids around here.  Every single time my boys run into a classmate the first questions asked are, “Which school are you going to next year?”  I really thought the boys were going to be fine with it since there was no question as to where they were going (the school is practically in our back yard).  I’ve been able to appease Oldman with the fact that it’s only 1 year of this for him because when he hits 5th grade it’s a new school with EVERY 5th grader in our town.

Probably the stupidest thing I did was buy Oldman new tennis shoes.  It was a great sale and he’s already outgrown what he has, but I know. I know that he’s going to hit a growth spurt the 2nd week of school and need new one’s again.  Sigh…God’s humor is a bit wacky isn’t it?

The smartest thing I did was get extra school supplies last year. Oh yeah baby! I have 90% of all that junk they’ve got to drag into Meet the Teacher Night.  I’m feeling very frugal.

(*In regards to the little underwear comment? Uhm..he’s really doing so much better. Last year, as soon as he got to school he’d go to the bathroom and stuff them behind the toilet.  Poor Janitor Andy!)

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