Summer evenings

I’ve taken tons of pictures of Rivka, our chocolate lab.  She makes it easy….all she does is lay around.  She’s our fat old lady. But the exciting girl in our family (besides the youngest girl, GiGi who won’t stop eating her poop) is Boomer.  She was originally named that because of our love of the OU Boomer Sooners.  But it quickly turned to BoomerRang because of one reason.

She’s telling you about it.

Ok, actually she’s getting a bit snippety that I’m pointing a camera at her instead of playing frisbee. Oh yeah…she’s a typical Border Collie when it comes to frisbee’s. (She’s really only half BC…the other half of her is English Setter so she’s extra tall on her legs, but she doesn’t know that.)

She is one focused dog.

This is the look she gets just before she tries “herding’ the boys in the house.

Wow…she looks a little ferocious doesn’t she?

Good girl!  This is where all the kids in the neighborhood start clapping.  Boomer’s a ham. (That’s a slobbering trail behind her in the top left-hand corner of the picture.)

Rescuing Boomer was the best thing we did.  We knew my English Springer, Shanti was dying and we didn’t want Rivka (the lab) to be alone.  Little did we know how much Boomer’s personality would be like Shanti’s.  She puts up so much with the boys and all their raucous, the annoying feet-attacks from Gigi, and not having anything to herd. But she seems happy and so are we!

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