Gag me with a snap pea

I just can’t get over how great our garden is doing! I just knew that having to replant most everything did us in, but you’d never know it by looking.

The thing I’m most excited about is our okra.  They are beautiful and we have 2 long rows of those babies!  We gonna be picklin’ and eatin’ and picklin’ and…[wipe drool]…sigh. I do love okra!

Living in NW Ohio, I saw my fill of acres and acres of corn, but I swear they were not as spectacular as OUR corn.  Just look at that silk!

I think the only thing I’m regretting is the number of snap pea plants we have. I’m so tired of eating snap peas. Yes, I’m freezing them too, but I’m just tired of picking them!

We’ve started “puttin’ up” which is so satisfying…well, until we start canning all those tomatoes.  I’ll have to live on Pepcid just to stand being around myself!


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  • How incredible!!! I dram of a fabulous garden like yours…

    I will be there soon to help harvest in exchange for a doggy bag!

    Come on over, girl! I’ll hook you up!

  • Wow, your garden is doing well! I don’t like okra, but I can see myself planting it just for the beautiful flowers. Great pics!

    I would love to have a vine that put on those kind of blooms. They’re just gorgeous.

  • Your garden is growing so well. We are okra eaters, too. My favorite is pickled okra and dh loves it in gumbo. Yummy! There are fields and fields of corn around here and I must agree with you – your corn looks much better :o)

    Oooo…I forgot about Gumbo. My husband loves it too.

  • I would love to grow corn but it is just not something that grows well, or easily, this far north. I have heard that some are working to develop one that can handle our long summer days and short growing season.

    Your garden looks great. I would suggest that if you need to find a home for some of your abundance that is too much for your family you could donate it to a local food bank.

    What a wonderful idea to use a food bank for extra veggies! I’ll have to call them this afternoon to see what their requirements are.

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