It’s a jungle out there

Wow…I swear our veggie garden is growing before my eyes!  I have this picture that’s only 2 weeks old, and my garden looks NOTHING like this now:

My mums onions

My mum's onions

The zucchini plants on the left are 10 times that size and gettin’ all over the onions.  To the right of the onions are 2nd row of okra and they’re HUGE now.

I had to take a picture of the onions because my mum is an onion freak lover.  We’ve got them here and in 3 other separate pots on the porch!  We’ll definitely be set for the winter.

What’s killing me is the Asian green beans.  Mum measured to see how much they grew overnight and it was 2 inches!!

Other than doing some weeding and cutting back on the tomatoes, the only other thing I’ve done is plant some marigold around the garden. (Thanks, Stephanie!) We were having some issues with aphids on the okra. Hopefully this will take care of that.

By the way, I wanted to mention that my Freesia‘s have been looking wonderful! I highly recommend planting them around your deck.  The hummingbirds love them and they smell like FruitLoops! 😀


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